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Get Rid of STRESS
What are some of the signs of stress? anxiety, weight fluctuations (loss or gain), impaired memory, reduced sleep, cravings, behavioural changes, and mood swings. Stressful times are often believed to occur during negative situations, however stress can happen during happy times too; i.e. weddings, new babies, promotions etc. Most of the time our bodies handle stress so well that we don't [...]

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Cleansing to Start the New Year
Much Disease, especially degenerative disease, originates with stagnation and congestion in the body. This state of being can be cleared through effective cleansing and detoxifying.

Your Bodys own detoxifications systems

Gastrointestinal: Liver, Gallbladder, and GI tract,

Urinary: Bladder, Urethra, and Urinary tract

Respiratory: Lungs

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The Vaccine Debate: inform yourself
The Vaccine Debate for Flu Season

I want to present to you as much of the facts around vaccines as possible. This is a hot debate every year, should I get the flu shot, should I wait and see, or should I avoid it all together? All of the information below has been gathered from government websites and pier reviewed published scientific journals.To Start, a few facts:

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Fish Oils: Healthy Heart, Brain & Reduced Inflammation
Fish Oil's have become very popular over the last few years and for good reason. A tremendous amount of research has been done that shows the health benefits of Omega-3 fats found in fish oils. Including at least 3 servings of sustainable sourced wild fish in your diet every week and/or supplementing with fish oil can offer a full spectrum of these health benefits including improving heart [...]

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