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How to Manage Your Arthritis

Give your body the tools it needs and the opportunity to heal itself and live pain free.

Everything about today's lifestyle promotes inflammation: the foods we eat, the jobs we work, the stressors we are exposed to, and pathogens that are immune system can not control. If we can learn to make better choices towards our diet and lifestyle not only can we live pain [...]

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Whats in your Make Up - Top 10 chemicals
Top 10 Cosmetic Toxins

1. Mercury - Known human carcinogen.

2. Lead Acetate - Known human carcinogen.

3. Formaldehyde - Known human carcinogen

4. Toluene - Reproductive/developmental toxin

5. Petroleum Distillates - Possible human carcinogen

6. Ethylacrylate - Possible human carcinogen

7. Coal Tar - Known human carcinogen

8. [...]

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