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Is sugar really to blame?
  • February 15th, 2012
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  • Briony Martens BSc. ROHP
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Food Cravings
Weight Gain
Heart Disease
High Triglycerides
High Blood Pressure
Mental Fuzziness
Mood Swings
Kidney diseases
Early Puberty
Male-pattern baldness
Erectile Dysfunction
Enlarges Male breasts
Accelerated Aging
Sleep Disorders
Sleep Apnea

All of these conditions can be associated with an over consumption of sugar. To start what foods we would classify as high in sugar? Well to start anything that has added sugar, all your chocolate bars and candies, to maybe state the obvious. Now how about any bread, pastas, baked goods, even rice cakes, all of these foods are so heavily processed that they are broken down into simple sugars so quickly in your system that they can be just as harmful as a spoonful of sugar. These foods, are the really problem for most people because lets be serious if you want a chocolate bar you know that you are consuming something that is high in sugar and that it is not a smart choice and hopefully not daily. Breads and pastas and other processed carbohydrates on the other hand when consumed daily can actually contribute to the development of all the health conditions you see above, and more. Lets look at what immediate impact consuming these processed, sugary foods has on our health. To start, when your blood sugar is raised due to consumption of processed carbohydrates like bread and pasta, you are directly promoting inflammation in your system, you are also constricting blood vessels, increasing your allergic response (stimulating histamine release) suppressing your immune system, and promoting this 'fight or flight' response, to name a few. So long term if you are constantly stimulating these pathways we can see how high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and other pro-inflammatory diseases can manifest.

So when we ask could sugar be to Blame? The answer is a resounding YES !.

Please consult a professional nutritionist for tips on how to remove these toxic and harmful foods from your diet in a healthy and safe manner and move towards improved wellness.

Briony Martens BSc ROHP Certified Nutritionist

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