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Dr. Oz; A nutritionists reponse
  • April 11th, 2012
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  • Briony Martens B.Sc. ROHP
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Millions of people tune in to Dr. OZ everyday to see what the his latest suggestion is for healthy skin, how to lose your belly fat, cancer preventrion, etc. But from the perspective of a health proffessional is he doing more harm then good.

There is not one health professional who can deny that Dr. Oz is getting the public to think more naturally about their health, by encouraging us to make better choices in our life. Where i think he may have missed the boat on natual healing is he is applying the allopathic model to natural medicine. Allopathic medicine is the current conventional medicine practiced in North America. This model uses pharmacological methods to treat the symptoms of disease. For example; if you have high cholesterol, or high triglycerides to treat this condition allopathic medicine will perscribe you a medication in attempt to reduce the cholesterol levels in your blood, it does not address the underlying cause as to why you have high cholesterol in the first place. In holistic or natural healing practices an individuals entire system is considered, exploring underlying causes of symptoms before making any recommendations to improve ones health.

When we watch Dr. Oz he is making the mistake of making very bold claims, which is encouraging the public to run to the health store to pick up the miracle pill that he suggests will work for everyone. As a retailer and as a professional nutritionist I strive to help people towards their goals of improved health, but very few of my customers will actually allow me even just 30 minutes to ask vital questions to ensure that they are making the right choices for their individual needs. Most people are still under the impression that what worked for their friend will work for them aswell, or what was suggested by Dr. Oz to millions of people will work for millions of people. I can not blaim these people for having hope to improve their condition with such a miracle pill because that is the way our society and our medical system has taught us, but if you look at the statistics, as a whole, our society is getting more ill and diseased and this method and model is failing us.

I encourage everyone who is hopeful and excited about improving their health to seek out a professional in natural healing to support them in their efforts and to ensure that the hard earned money being spent on healthy foods and supplements is going to offer them an effective, efficient path to wellness.

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