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Feeling Overwhelmed? 10 ways to manage your stress and stay positive
Research continues to show that stress is linked to disease. Unfortunately stress is common in our busy, go go go lifestyles and the idea of trying to change ones lifestyle to lessen the stress is often not an option. Under these circumstances we must choose, for our own wellbeing and health, to include some stress management techniques.

Some common signs that your body is not handling stress well
- lost motivation
- feel overwhelmed,
- experience mood wings,
- have difficulty relaxing,
- crave salt
- eyes sensitive to bright lights, head lights
- easily shaken up or startled with unexpected noise
- fluctuating blood pressure
- work off worries
- excessive perspiration
- neck and shoulder pain
- feel light headed when go from lying position to standing position
- wake up in the middle of the night and can not get back to sleep
- trouble getting to sleep with a busy mind
- easily catch a cold

If even 2 of these symptoms are common for you, you may need some stress support, otherwise you are leaving yourself vulnerable to developing more serious symptoms and disease.

10 ways to manage your stress and stay positive

1). Take 2 minutes twice a day to sit, close your eyes, and breathe.
When we breathe deep it has a profound impact on our nervous system, cardiovascular system and it actually changes your brain chemistry.

2). Put yourself to bed 30 minutes earlier than your normal time.
Sleep is essential, to allow your body to regenerate and heal.

3). Turn on your favourite music and sing, in the shower or in the car or anywhere really.
Singing has been shown to help balance your happy hormones, decrease stress hormones and make us just feel great.

4). Start to Smile
Simply turning up the corners of your mouth to make a smile releases happy hormones, so even when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed force a smile and your whole day can turn around.

5). Light exercise and stretching.
Believe it or not, exercise is its own form of stress on the body, so choose to do gentle exercise like walking and stretching.

6). Whole foods.
Avoid the prepackaged processed foods that upset your stomach, spike your blood sugar, and make you feel tired. Start making things fresh and you will not have to worry about chemical preservatives, artificially sweeteners, thickening agents and binders, which are going to put extra pressure on your liver and other organs. Do not eat things you can not pronounce.

7). Avoid stimulants
When we are under stress your nervous system is in overdrive and taking in stimulants will lead to exhaustion. Avoid coffee or significantly reduce your intake, avoid energy drinks and quick fixes. If you are feeling sluggish drink a glass of water.

8). Try and find some joy and laughter every day, even just for a moment.

9). Supplements to help your body deal with the stressors of everyday life
- B Complex
- Vitamin C
- Mineral complex or alkalinizing formula
- 5-HTP
- Adrenal Glandular

10). Herbal remedies
- St. Johns Wort
- Rhodiola
- Holy Basil
- Chamomile

Please consult one of our certified nutritionists to aid you in appropriate supplement and herbal use.

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Briony Martens BSc ROHP

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