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CinderRemedies Bach Flower Blends - Beginners Guide to Bach Flowers
  • May 14th, 2013
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  • Cindy Tomblin - Certified Nutritionist
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Bach Flowers are energetic remedies for self-healing discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. CinderRemedies Blends is a series of Bach Flower Essences for overall wellness designed with the beginner Bach Flower user in mind by Cindy Tomblin holistic nutritionist. Bach Flowers improve our emotional and mental state, thus balancing the body and mind, inviting relaxation, abundance, joy and much more into our lives. Anyone can use these natural remedies for health and well-being.

To learn more about making CinderRemedies Blends for yourself, join a live demo at Health with Cindy. Follow Health on Facebook (link: ) to stay in the loop on these free demo dates. Or consult with Cindy and have her customize a blend to address your current mood and/or disposition.

Because the Bach Flowers work on an energetic level, they are completely safe to take with medications and other remedies. Bach Flower Blends are a wonderful addition to any healing program, bodywork or nutritional therapy - especially if you are in need of:
Emotional Detox
Attitude Adjustment
Stress Relief & Reduction
Soul Healing
Or if you just want to feel better

Try CinderRemedies Blends in sequence beginning with Refresh Blend#1 or Tranquility Blend#4. Follow up with the next blend in the series. Continue as long as you like.

Typically it is best to start out using a Bach Flower blend on a daily basis for about 3 months - that's 3 bottles of blends - then continue using your favorite blend or single remedies from stock bottles as needed. Stock bottle is another name for bottle of single flower essence, which is what we sell at Health.

Because Cindy is committed to sharing her knowledge of health solutions, all of the recipes for CinderRemedies are included in the "menu" below. And just like choosing from a menu at a restaurant, go ahead and order whatever you want! There are no rules with Bach Flowers. So remember, have fun and seek guidance when needed.

CinderRemedies Bach Flower Blends

Take 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water, 4 times a day.

Refresh Blend#1 ~ motivation, confidence, energy, purity, joy, learning ~ Get up and go do the best thing for yourself! ~ Hornbeam, Larch, Olive, Crab Apple, Gentian, Chestnut Bud.

Uplift Blend#2 ~ fearlessness, balance, ability, focus, acceptance, optimism ~ Become more grounded, reach a peaceful calm. ~ Aspen, Scleranthus, Elm, Clematis, Beech, Willow.

Flow Blend#3 ~ openness, trust, tolerance, flexibility, protection, release, direction ~ Unwind and relax, its smooth sailing! ~ Agrimony, Cerato, Vervain, Rock Water, Walnut, Honeysuckle, Wild Oat.

Tranquility Blend#4 ~ peace, selflessness, assurance, perspective, composure, courage ~ Quiet the mind and stop worrying! ~ White Chestnut, Chicory, Red Chestnut, Crab Apple, Cherry Plum, Mimulus.

Healing Blend#5 ~ comfort, forgiveness, serenity, compassion, strength, patience, versatility ~ Overcome the past and prepare for brighter days! ~ Star of Bethlehem, Pine, Mustard, Heather, Oak, Impatiens, Walnut.

Chillax Blend#6 ~ perseverance, faith, bravery, vitality, self-transcendence, hope ~ You can get through anything! ~ Elm, Gentian, Aspen, Olive, Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut.

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Happy Baching and Flower Blessings!

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