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Bach Flower Remedies for Seasonal Allergies
Bach Flowers are a self-healing system of 38 Flower Essence Remedies developed by Dr Edward Bach. Flower Essences are very safe energetic remedies that bring harmony to our emotions and encourage positive thinking, allowing us to be more joyful, calm, patient, focused, balanced, accepting, and more.
Use a single Bach Flower remedy or a blend as directed to encourage mind-body healing and wellness for optimal health. Bach Flowers are a wonderful, natural complement to any health plan or healing journey and can be used alongside any other remedy, including pharmaceuticals. Today were going to look at a common complaint that comes up this time of year and how the Bach Flowers can help.

Allergies. This uncomfortable predicament comes with a variety of bothersome symptoms that pop up or gets worse for many people during the early Spring and can last for months. Yuck! Here are the Bach Flowers that Id reach for:

Beech commonly used for intolerance. In this case, the allergy sufferer is experiencing intolerance to something in the environment that has invaded their space or body, like pollen, grass, and other organic matter. You might not believe me, but our attitude can affect us physically. Beech helps us tune into acceptance and tolerance. When the mind and soul is in an accepting mood it is much easier for the body to follow suit. Definitely one worth trying when itchy eyes or sneezing is out of control!

Crab Apple generally used when there is something to get rid of, like negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Also useful when there is literally something in the body that we need to get rid of, like allergens. These allergens may enter the body through our interaction with the environment; just opening a window can set off allergic reactions for some. The annoying allergens can also gain access through the food we eat. Crab Apple helps with release on all levels. A common recommendation for allergy sufferers is to detoxify the body, basically help out the bodys natural process of release. Crab Apple is one of the best remedies for physical release and my favorite for an energetic cleanse.

Walnut for over-sensitivity to change. Winter to Spring is a big change and some of us really feel it. The shift in seasons can affect our sleep, mood, appetite, and energy levels. Walnut can also be used for over-sensitivity in general. The more sensitive you are to an allergen, the harsher your reaction will be. Walnut helps the mind and body adapt and encourages an attitude that is open to change helping us deal with all types of transitions.

Any other Bach Flower! depending on your personality and the attitude you have toward your suffering you may find a variety of the other Bach Flowers helpful during allergy season. Heres a quick description of a few:

- Holly for anger. Are you mad at the world or your body for doing this to you? Are you jealous of everyone not suffering? Do your symptoms make you uptight and grouchy and everyone else knows it? Use Holly to tune into pure love and relaxed feelings.

- Mimulus for fears we can name. Do you fear allergic reactions? Are you afraid to go outside or play in nature? Are you afraid to go to a certain place because your reaction will make you look silly or feel uncomfortable? Mimulus gives us courage to face our fears and be ourselves. You are not your dis-ease.

- Olive to awaken the bodys healing potential. Are you exhausted by the battle against your allergy symptoms? Olive is a great remedy when lacking physical energy, especially after a long struggle. Olive brings the spark back to your soul.

- RESCUE REMEDY a popular combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem. An excellent go-to remedy for any occasion.

To learn more about the Bach Flowers check out our resources in store and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

Cindy Tomblin, CNP was introduced to Flower Essences while studying herbal medicine at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Cindy continues to study the Bach Flowers and has used single remedies and combinations on herself and experimented on her dog and family with great success. She has helped many others find relief as well personalized Bach Flower combinations and guidance available by appointment.

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