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Skin Deep Part II of III
Vitamins and Minerals are vital for our health and they make us look and feel great. The trick with vitamins is to get the most out of them. Some are meant to be injested and others are perfect to be used topically. Vitamins that are made from whole foods are the easiest ones for our bodies to break down and absorb.

Vitamin A is great for reducing wrinkles and age spots. This one is best if taken internally and externally BUT if you do put it on your skin via a lotion, remember to do it at night time because uv rays breakdown vitamin A.

B vitamins are great for reducing stress, boosting circulation, keeping mosquitoes away and helping strengthen your skin's protective barrier which will help free radicals from getting through. Because there are so many B vitamins, come in and we can help you find out which one or ones would benefit your body.

Vitamin C is known as the 'all around anti aging vitamin'. It helps eliminate free radicals that contribute to aging changes like wrinkles and sagging - because it helps produce collagen. It works well with Vitamin A to create a beautiful complection. This one is nice internally and externally. If you are using it on your skin it is a great for the mornings before putting on your lotion or sunscreen. As we get older our vitamin C production goes down, this one is very important so if you don't get enough in your diet make sure to grab it in a vitamin tablet. My favorite is the chewable kind, they are like a fizzy tangy treat!

Most of us know the benefits of vitamin E on scars and wounds but what we don't know is that vitamin E is a great way to protect us from the sun and to help quench our skin after exposure to the sun. One heavy dose of sun exposure can reduce the skin's natural supply of vitamin E by half!!

A whole food mineral suppliment wil help strengthen your teeth and nails. Your body will have a much easier time absorbing water and staying hydrated from the inside out. If we don't get enough minerals in our diets then our bodies can't metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins as well.

Although psyllium husk is not a mineral or vitamin it is important to mention it.....especially if you don't have regular bowel movements. This is a great way to get soluable fibre that when ingested helps absorb toxins, waste and bad bacterias from your intestines. Remember, beautiful skin starts on the inside. Talk with us before you start on this one, it is important to start slow because too much fibre can do the opposite of what we want it to do.

The last thing I would like to mention is one of my secret weapons. Silica. NOT the kind that comes in your new shoe box that says DO NOT EAT on it. There is a different kind of silica that we produce abundant amounts of as children. This mineral is found in rapid growing tissues such as hair, nails and skin. It gives them strength and helps build collagen. This mineral is lost faster than most of the other ones as we get older and we start noticing thinner hair, cracking nails and sagging skin. This one is hard for us to get from our food because our body doesnt abosrb it as well as if we were to take it as a suppliment. For example, bananas are a great source of silica but we absorb less than 5 percent of it.

Now you have some knowledge about a few vitamins and minerals that help us feel beautiful inside and out...but how do you know which ones are right for you? Every decade we need to change up our routines a little because we need something very different in our 40's than we did in our 20's. Set up an appointment with on of the girls at health or our new Naturopath to get started on the way to feeling and being beautiful.

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