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Get Rid of STRESS
What are some of the signs of stress? anxiety, weight fluctuations (loss or gain), impaired memory, reduced sleep, cravings, behavioural changes, and mood swings. Stressful times are often believed to occur during negative situations, however stress can happen during happy times too; i.e. weddings, new babies, promotions etc. Most of the time our bodies handle stress so well that we don't even notice we have already counteracted the stress. However, if stress is extreme or drags on for long periods of time our 'control mechanisms' can get overloaded, and that's when we need support and help. Long-term stress has adverse effects on us and can cause serious damage on our systems.

According to Natural Factors there are three phases of stress:

1) Alarm Phase involves a short-lived adrenaline rush (fight or flight response).

2) Resistance Phase this is a longer period of time that our bodies have to deal with stress.

3) Exhaustion Phase now our entire bodies are effected by stress and can't continue fighting without some intervention; our heart, blood vessels, adrenals and immune system suffer the most.

What can YOU do?

Aromatherapy is a great way to ease stress. Patchouli is great for grounding and re-balancing. Ylang Ylang brings down stress, anxieties, insomnia and fear. Orange is uplifting and relaxing while Clove is also uplifting and warming. These are just a few scents to get you thinking, there are many, many more which help relieve stress.

Herbal remedies that focus on stress relief are wonderful as well. Something like veeva Stress contains ancient as well as newly discovered nutrients, and powerful spices that reduces your stress response and helps you handle stress. veeva helps reduce mental and physical stress and promotes healthy mood balance.

Lorna Vanderhaege's Smile 5-HTP is 99% pure 5-Hydroxytryptophan. That just means 5-HTP is a breakdown of the amino acid tryptophan. This is important because tryptophan is turned into serotonin in our bodies and serotonin is a neurotransmitter that makes you happy (basically it tells your brain that you are satisfied so you do not need to eat anymore).

Natural Factors has a range of calming solutions such as Magnesium Citrate (relaxes muscles and calms nerves), 100% natural GABA (fast acting relief from nervousness and acute stress) and Serenity Formula (helps relieve symptoms of chronic stress) to name a few.

Bach's Remedies are great for on the go stress and anxiety relief. Bach's is available as a tincture, gum, chewable lozenge, and capsule formula.

SAMe 400 by AOR promotes emotional well being and is an effective anti-depressant. Also available by AOR is Ortho Adapt which helps the body from overreacting to a stressor.

Yoga, meditation, exercise, and taking some time for yourself to do what you love are some great ways to relieve stress. Try a local yoga class, go to the park or just sit at home with a meditation video from the Internet.

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach stress in a homeopathic way. I urge you to seek advice before purchasing any of these (or other) products. We have educated staff members and our homeopath Sarah Griffiths is a wealth of knowledge. Call or stop by to book an appointment with Sarah or just come in to see what amazing products we have that can help you!

Do you have a favorite stress-relieving product that you use? Let us know your success stories; we would love to hear them!

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