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Let it Snow!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Are you prepared for the winter? Warm nights by a fire or bundled up in a blanket is the way to go this season. Not only is staying warm during the winter important for your immune system, but staying healthy from the inside out is vital.

Boosting your immune system with the proper supplements is important. Each person is different and what works for your friend or family member may not be what your body requires. We can help you figure out the appropriate supplements you might need.

Vitamins are always a good way to boost your bodys defense systems. Adding extra omegas, fats and proteins to your meals and smoothies for a boost is a sure fire way to keep the bugs away! There is one more really important thing that will help you this season.

Dont forget to wash your hands!! By washing our hands we reduce the chances of getting sick dramatically. Before you eat, when you use the loo and before you touch our face are the three most important times you want to have clean hands. Dont let bacteria get to you this season.

If you have any questions about what supplements you should be taking, or if you have been taking the same ones for a couple of years, bring them in and we will help you decide if they are still benefiting you or if it is time for an update on your regime.

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