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Its already started; The removal of natural health products from store shelves

Over the last 5 years you may have on occasion run into petitions at your local health stores urging you to sign and to write your MP to stop the removal of natural health products from store shelves. Well it is starting, most recently the removal of nattokinase, taken from fermented soy, this healing enzyme helps to break down plaque in the arteries, for many people is was their safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, well this is the first of many enzymes that are rumored to be taken away from consumers. The Government is arguing that there is no evidence that taking digestive enzymes for more then 3 days will not cause detrimental effects. They say that after 3 days your body will slow down and stop its own production of enzymes. This is absolutely ridiculous; our body is designed to receive enzymes in support of its processes through the consumption of raw foods. Please follow the link here for more information and please write your MP so that we can fight this now!


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