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Prenatal Classes

Congratulations, youre expecting! Whether its your first or your fifth, this is a wonderful exciting time and a little miracle is growing inside of you.
It seems that with that wonderful excitement comes a myriad of tough questions to answer and just a few months to make them:

? Colour scheme (Babys room)
? Where to register
? What venue (hospital/home)
? Who should attend (doctor/midwife)
? Checklist of To-Dos
? Planner (birth plan)
? How to handle unwanted suggestions

Hang on a second, these are exactly the same questions asked in preparation for a wedding. The wedding day was one day of indulgent fun that was not the foundation for your marriage. Your birthing day and everything that happens on it, is the foundation for your baby's life and has a direct impact on your new family going forward. Some of these questions are important and the rest you will look back at and say "We wish we'd listened and not wasted the money and time, when the baby doesn't care and there were so many other more important things we didn't know to focus on." Take it from a first time mom, who initially thought about the above questions. Circumstance would have it that we had just moved, knew no one to throw us a shower and we had fallen on tough financial times and didn't have the money for the rest. In hindsight, thank goodness I was forced to buy everything second hand on kijiji. The baby didn't care, didn't use half of it and left her indelible baby marks on the rest. I would have been seriously distressed if this had happened with anything I bought full price. Don't get me wrong, I believe in quality and will pay for it. It would have been a waste on a baby. What I would have given for a gift card for a carpet cleaning or a few more sets of bed sheets or hand-me-down clothes, rather than being forced to run around in my housecoat because in one day, the inevitable had happened to all my other clothes.

Jokes aside, here are the real questions to ask, now that you're going to have a new perfectly innocent little life in your hands:

? Is there anything I can do to give this baby the best start in life, the softest landing into this world
? What do I want my babys birth to look and feel like
? Who's opinion can I trust on how to make that dream birth a reality
? With all the information out there, what should I read/watch to help me have that wonderful birth experience
? How do I get myself and my birth partner(s) as informed as possible so we are confident and looking forward to the birth
? Will my care provider fight for this to be a birth directed by us and, if I cannot be sure who exactly will attend, do my doula know precisely what I want, so she can fight for me
? Being that I cannot handle pain, why not just accept an epidural, what's the harm
? Or, are there any real unmedicated tools out there, that work and can give my baby the best chance at the healthiest birth, a natural unmedicated one (when there are no life threatening complications)
? What about water birth, delayed imbilical cord cutting, attachment parenting, baby wearing
? What about successful breastfeeding and why submit to that

These are the decisions you, and only you, can make for your family. The question is, where do you start in becoming an informed parent now, while baby is still inside? The answer is, the right prenatal class. There are many out there:
- Prenatal Class @ Douglas College
- Lamaze
- The Bradley Method
- Hypno-Birthing

Why Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Classes as offered by Your Dream Birth? Because I have experienced the medical grade hypno-anesthesia you learn to use. It has not only worked for thousands of birthing moms but, for patients allergic or unable to obtain anesthetic for surgery. In addition, you don't just rely on hormones that may or may not kick in, to experience peace and comfort, you are taught eyes open self-hypnosis. Through a comprehensive childbirth education class, you are also empowered with the knowledge and tools to clear your fears surrounding birth. Fear and tension are the known triggers for 'pain' during childbirth.

So, what would you give, do or pay to allow your baby the chance of the best start in life the softest landing into this world through an easier, more comfortable, unmedicated, natural birth? What if the first major step was a prenatal class?

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