Health Vitamins & Nutrition Centre, Langley BC


May Health Hangout - Gluten Free

Our very own Kendra will be hosting the next Health Hangout!! She will be talking about Gluten and going Gluten Free.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and the related grains barley and rye (and some oats). For some people, consuming products with gluten can trigger a host of digestive problems and fail to allow many crucial nutrients to be absorbed, which can lead to many serious side effects.

Health Hangouts are held the first Wednesday of every month and are by donation. Every donation will go to Critter Care Wildlife Society.

These health chats will allow you free access to information from Briony (this month it is Kendra), who is a certified nutritionist, as well as being able to chat and share your challenges with others.

Call us or come on in to book your spot : )

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