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Strauss in the House

When was the last time you cleaned your arteries? Take Strauss Heartdrops A 300-year-old European herbal formula crafted by the unique methods of the Strauss family of herbalists; with 8 powerful herbs and a proprietary process that remains unduplicated. Our formula
contains the only aged garlic with stabilized allicin and cardiotonic, cardioprotective European Mistletoe. Take world famous Strauss Heartdrops to lower blood lipids like triglycerides and oxidized LDL cholesterol. Improve your blood pressure and circulation.

CASE STUDY PARTICIPANT:_ Igor Fundyga, 41-year-old male with an extremely dangerous blood pressure measurement of 170 over 110 started taking Strauss Heartdrops and within 1 month of taking the maximum
daily dosage it dropped to 118 over 78. Baseline blood marker measurements were taken and official reports by Synevo labs show that after 5-months on Strauss Heartdrops his triglycerides have dropped from a high-risk 3.62 to an optimal 1.24. LDL is down from 3.54 to 2.62.
Inflammation marker CRP (C-reactive protein linked to increased risk of heart disease) plummeted from 3.95 to less than < 1. Finally, his AC (Atherogenic Coefficent) dropped from a dangerous 3.95 to a much lower risk 2.4. Lab tests performed by Synevo Central Labs (Europes largest
analytical laboratory network)._

Strauss Heartdrops - Take 7.5ml per day and get clinical results in as soon as 90 days or your money back guaranteed. Now available in Original and Cinnamon flavour. See our brochure in-store for details.

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