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Briony Martens, BSc. ROHP

Briony Martens, BSc. ROHP Briony Martens is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. (Orthomolecular Health practitioners assess the unique dietary and nutritional requirements of an individual and utilize a full spectrum of customized natural therapies including: diet and nutritional supplements, detoxification, and drainage.) Through the combination of these educational elements with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of British Columbia, Briony effortlessly balances scientific rigor and research-supported healing practices with an integrative scope of client care inclusive of body, mind, environment, and spirit.

Led to the realm of health and healing through both personal curiosity and compassion, Briony's passion is to empower people to regain or maintain health for the long term; to develop personal awareness that may allow clients to activate their own innate healing potential beyond her consultations or instruction.

Briony has extensive prior experience working with individuals within the scope of positive behavior change, having previously volunteered with the Canadian Liver Foundation, Rosewood Senior Meal Outreach Program, and the University of British Columbia Women's Hockey team (as Nutrition Adviser). Briony has held workshops and private consultations for individuals and groups seeking to improve their health through diet, lifestyle and exercise. Her workshops have focused previously on topics including Women's Health and Hormonal Balance, Digestive Wellness, and Detoxification, and she looks forward to integrating her ever-expanding interest and health research into future presentations.

As an avid Yoga practitioner, Briony recognizes the necessity of movement and exercise in any wellness plan and she contributes experience as an athlete to her ability to inspire and motivate clients in their personal health journeys. She strives to help every client recognize their own potential for greater wellness. She is excited and enthusiastic about the potential of all integrated healing practices to bring about real, lasting health, and equally excited to be able to share this information with her community.